In the last few years online advertising has proved to be more effective and yielded better results than employing the traditional channels. This trend has further led to a shift of priorities among the advertisers and marketers. The total spending on online medium for promotional activities has increased considerably; giving rise to new firms providing online advertising services.

Internet, which is relatively new, compared to the popular print and broadcast mediums, has brought in a massive revolution in the business world. Previously, the channels of communication used for delivering marketing messages to the audience had a limited scope. But as the power of Internet grew, advertisers have been banking upon different Internet channels to make up for the effective campaigns. The primary catch in web advertising is that it is audience oriented and also cheap.

Unlike the conventional communication channels, the web has a global reach. When we talk about a newspaper, a television channel or any magazine there is always a limited number of people that can be reached. So, advertising messages on these channels will be received by a limited number of audience members. No doubt, these messages are appealing but the response they generate is delayed. However in Internet advertising the message may not be that appealing but the response if it generates is instantaneous. A user, as it happens after clicking on an ad, pulls out his credit card and buys the product.

The next question is – ’so, where are these advertisements and who puts them there?’ Well, they are everywhere, on most of the commercial websites, in the results generated pages by the search engines, in emails and many other places. A good website is like a good newspaper or a good radio channel you might have come across. It is popular and thousands of people visit it. Now there are people who earn their bread, butter and luxuries by selling a few items and it is these people who are interested in placing their items or services on those good websites. Of course, the space has to be bought.

There are various ways to sell the online space and advertisers are still exploring some new possibilities. The popular method is that of displaying an advertisement message on any page of website. Online advertisements are also sent via emails or posted on various networking sites. The terms and conditions are beforehand agreed by the advertisers and the publishers. That is Online Advertisingand it sure is catching up.


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